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Catered accommodation at Sydney Academy

Catered programs

Our catered dormitory-style lodge accommodation comes in a variety of configurations that sleep four to ten people with ensuite. Larger lodges feature a common room. We can also accommodate people with a disability.

Lodges 1 to 12

  • Catered accommodation for up to 264 people
  • Suitable for school, community and sporting groups
  • 24 rooms with five bunks beds
  • Two bathrooms and common room
  • Teacher’s room with two single beds and ensuite.
Lodges 1 to 6 Lodges 7 to 12
Sydney Academy's Lodges 1 to 6
Sydney Academy's Lodges 7 to 12
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Freshwater 1 to 10

  • Catered accommodation for up to 50 people
  • Suitable for school, community and sporting groups
  • Three rooms with four bunk beds and ensuite
  • Six rooms with two bunk beds and ensuite
  • Teacher’s room with two single beds and ensuite.
Freshwater 1, 2 and 10 Freshwater 3 Freshwater 4 to 9
Sydney Academy's Freshwater Lodges 1, 2 and 10
Sydney Academy's Freshwater Lodge 3
Sydney Academy's Freshwater Lodges 3 to 9

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Motel accommodation

  • Catered accommodation for up to 133 people
  • Suitable for corporates, community groups or families
  • 11 rooms sleep five in one single and two bunk beds
  • Two rooms sleep six in three bunk beds
  • 13 rooms sleep four in two single and one bunk bed
  • One room sleeps three in single beds
  • Six rooms sleep two in single beds
  • Ensuite and air-conditioning
  • Colour television and pay TV
  • Accessible for people with a disability.

View motel floorplans on page 2 of our Centre map

Midweek programs

If you would like to arrange a midweek booking, please contact us to determine availability and to arrange a package that suits your needs.

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Nutritious meals are prepared by qualified catering staff in commercial kitchens. Menus are designed to be healthy and broadly appealing, the catering staff plan meals weekly according to groups in residence. The catering team provides all catered meals; no outside caterers may be used on site.

At meal times, our Liaison Officer/s will assist in coordinating the serving of meals and the washing up and cleaning of the dining room. Morning and afternoon teas of fruit, biscuits, tea and coffee will be available in the dining room. An additional option is available upon request at an extra cost. Please request through the bookings office prior to your stay.

Special dietary needs can be catered for if we have appropriate notice. Special dietary meals are provided for medical conditions, religious beliefs and vegetarians/vegans. Please ensure that the details for each member of your group who has a dietary requirement is recorded on the appropriate online medical and consent forms. A link with instructions will be provided on confirmation your letter. Academy staff will provide updates for your camp registrations and completed medical forms.


The Academy provides laundry facilities.  Guests are required to provide their own laundry detergent.


Pillows and doonas are supplied. Groups can either bring their own linen or pre-order linen for an additional cost. All beds are king singles.


No alcohol is permitted to be brought onto the

Academy grounds.  Please see Alcohol Policy for more information.

  • We ask our guests to keep their alcohol consumption to sensible levels and respect other groups in residence.
  • Drinking is not permitted in the presence of children.
  • For safety reasons, guests will not be allowed to participate in certain activities if they have been drinking alcohol.
  • It is a condition of the Academy’s license that guests who are intoxicated cannot be served alcohol and must leave the licensed areas of the Academy.
  • The Academy’s commitment to child protection and safety is paramount. Any guest who presents a risk to children or other guests can be asked to leave under the provisions of the Inclosed Lands Act.

All alcohol is served by Academy staff who have completed the Responsible Service of Alcohol course. If alcohol is required for your stay, we ask that you provide an estimate of your needs at least two weeks prior to your arrival.

Purchasing alcohol

Alcohol may be purchased using either method below. An Academy staff member will serve the alcohol and there is a per hourly cost for this service (including set up and pack up) with a minimum of 4 hours.

Bar Option A – Pay-as-you-go

The Academy will set up a bar where your drinks can be purchased by individuals within your group.  Drinks are served by Academy staff.

Bar Option B - TAB

A TAB may be set up and invoiced at the end of your stay. The beverages will be provided and served to you by Academy staff when needed.