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60 seconds with Phil Hoffman

March 2016
  • Phil Hoffman from Point Wolstoncroft Sport and Recreation CentreWhat do you do for fun? Water-skiing, fishing, swimming, anything really. Having a laugh with family and friends is probably most important.
  • Who do you most admire in the world? My old man. He stayed cool, calm and supportive throughout my “colourful years”, and we have ended up best mates at the end of it all.
  • If you only had $50 left in the world, what would you do with it? Put $50 of fuel in the car, drive to Ballina, and ask the old man for a loan……interest free of course.
  • If you came back to life as an animal, what would it be and why? A real cute puppy. Have you seen the attention those little things get down on the beach!?!
  • What Point Wolstoncroft activity do you enjoy the most, and why? Lunch. I’m 2 metres tall and I love food.
  • What is your standout memory of a camp? Every year at Pt Woolly we have a Regional deaf camp which falls on the same week as my birthday. Every year all 120 kids sign/sing “Happy birthday to you….” for my birthday. It is such a memorable and emotional experience.