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60 seconds with Gary Mills

March 2016
  • 60 Seconds with Gary Mills, Chef at Broken Bay Sport and Recreation CentrePosition:  Chef at Milson
  • Years at Milson:  Five
  • First job? Peeling potatoes at a takeaway shop
  • Most embarrassing moment: Apart from filling out these questions, being caught listening and dancing to Justin Bieber in the work kitchen.
  • Most memorable holiday or trip? Visiting Nagano, Japan last January to see the snow monkeys
  • Your worst habit? Getting easily bored
  • What annoys you most about other people? Inconsistency
  • If you had $20 left to your name, what would you do? Use it for fares to find a job
  • If could spend a night alone with any celebrity, who would it be? Amy Winehouse
  • If you had to choose one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? Wagyu beef